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Comic Con SD 2009 - LOST panel

We got into the Lost panel and it was very fun. Hurley, Ben, Richard Alpert and Sawyer were there (in addition to Damon and Carlton). Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) and Ian Somerhalder (Boone) were also here at Comic Con, but they were promoting other projects and weren't at the Lost panel. We did, however see both of them at our hotel and I actually got to meet Ian Somerhalder.

Lost freebies were lame. We got a small white poster that just had LOST, the ABC logo and "The Final Season" printed on it. We got a card promoting the DVD coming out 12/8/09 that pretends to be an ad for "LU" (Lost University): On the back of the card there's some "hand written" stuff that says:

Campus Bookstore (scratched out)
something else you can't read because it's heavily scratched out (although if I study it long enough I may figure it out)
Prof. Nussdorf
need T.A.?
and a star

I called the number already and you get a recording that says the professor is away and this machine does not take mess--

We also got a pencil with on it.

So that's it for the freebies.

Fan questions were not very interesting, but a couple of well known fans were there, including a guy who looks a lot like Hurley. Then the real Jorge Garcia showed up in the question line. He asked if they were really going to answer all the questions by the finale. When Damon and Carlton said yes, Jorge then asked about Shannon's inhaler (because in the first season Sayid had beaten up Sawyer to get it but he didn't actually have it, so it was still a big mystery where Shannon's inhaler was). Lots of joke stuff like that.

Michael Emerson then showed upand he and Jorge got into a big argument about who was a better actor. Jorge accused Michael of just being jealous because he'd originally auditioned for the part of Hurley. He denied it until they rolled his "audition tape". That was funny.

Richard Alpert (can't remember that actor's name) was back stage and they did this thing where he was busy putting on eyeliner without realizing he was on camera.

The were an "In Memorium" film showing all the characters who had died.

The panel was mostly Carlton and Damon talking and they did some silly stuff like saying they had the final 2 pages of the final episode written out and would put it in a locked box (to which they had to have 2 keys to open) and they'd open it together on Jimmy Kimmel after the finale to prove that they weren't making it all up as they went along. Later, however, when Josh Halloway came out on stage, he took the keys from them and opened the box. Michael Emerson then took the pages from him and read them and it was just 2 pages of a Heroes script.

The only real hints at the final season were that we will get Richard Alpert's story and it does have something to do with The Black Rock. They also showed a "commercial" that was Hurley promoting his Chicken Restaurant (that chicken place he worked at in his backstory). He says something like "ever since I won the lottery I've had nothing but good luck. I took a trip to Australia and tasted the best chicken ever, so I came back here and bought this place and now I sell the most heavenly chicken. Then there was a mock "America's Most Wanted" thing with John Walsh showing Kate as an armed and dangerous fugitive. He said she'd attempted to kill her step father by blowing up the place he worked, but it all went bad and some coworker of her father (rather than her father) ended up getting killed. They said the coworkers name, but I don't remember it.

So basically, I think it all meant that Jack's plan works - the island blows up and everyone's lives end up differently. My guess, though, is that they'll all end up on a plane together and crash on the island again (or maybe Jack will somehow have a weird memory of the island and he'll cause the plane to crash to get everything back to how it was). It'll be some kind of twist - the universe will course correct. Oh, Charlie showed up right at the end up the panel and in the In Memorium film, they showed a clip of him with the "FATE" writing on his fingers. So I think that's what it's all about - fate / universe course correcting / lesson that you can't or shouldn't try to undo things.

It was a HUGE room where the Lost panel was and we were about 2/3 of the way back so I don't really have any great pictures. But I'll put some stuff up when I do all my crazy comic con write ups.

And now it's time to get my ass moving (we're slow and late today) for the last day of OMG MY FEET HURT SO BAD. ;)
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