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Roxy Bisquaint

I am so in love with LOST again

I don't think my brain can even begin to formulate coherent thoughts on the season finale yet. I need to let it breathe. But damn. Next to the pilot... Best. Episode. Ever.

Frelling yay for Penny saving the day! I seriously can't believe how tidy the whole rescue story was. I never expected it all to come together so well. And now their cover story makes a lot more sense.

Oh, Des and Penny... so happy to see them reunited finally :)

I can understand Locke using a fake name if he was back in the US, but why would Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid actually refer to him as the fake "Jeremy Bentham" name instead of just "Locke"? The only reasonable explanation is: just to fuck with us until the big reveal at the end.

Seeing Sayid kicking ass was definitely a high point. And he's capping people left and right in the real world and now grabbing Hurley from Santa Rosa. It's about time Sayid moved to the front of the story again.

So it's not just Charlie that's been visiting Hurley. Eko too? I wonder who else. And then Kate gets a visit (sort of) from Claire. Who will she leave Aaron with when she inevitably ventures back to the island?

I'm not entirely convinced that Michael or Jin are dead. Christian Shephard's appearance could mean Michael was saved and possibly even Jin. Christian's got powers of some sort, so until I see some corpses, I ain't buying their deaths. Actually, even with corpses, I may not buy their deaths.

Speaking of corpses. I definitely don't think we've seen the end of Locke. If Jack gets him back to the island, he'll come back to life. He has to. I was quite surprised to see him in the casket, though. Since the end of last season, I've been sure it would be Michael.

Best mhmm moment: Juliet sitting alone on the beach with a bottle of rum and then Sawyer comes strolling out of the water sans shirt. Yay. I'm not normally all googly-eyed about Sawyer, but uh. Yeah. Anyone else want to be Juliet at that moment?

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte. The mystery finally begins to unfold. "Why would you want to leave the place you've been trying to get back to?" So, I'm thinking her parents were in the Dharma Initiative and she was born on the island, but left when she was very young. Here's my wacky theory on that: she's the love child of Ben and Annie, but Ben never knew about her. I said it was wacky.

Weird markings/writing whatever on a pillar in the underground. I have nothing to say except I saw it and assume it relates back to the people of the 4-toed statue. Oh, and I had to suspend quite a bit of disbelief watching Ben turn that iced-up giant wheel.

Soooo. Who killed Locke? Where the frak did the island go? Is Sun playing Widmore or is she really going to try to hand him Ben? What became of Daniel Farraday and the people in his raft? Why is it so freaking cold inside the island?
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