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TSCC s2 DVD sales

The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2 DVD sold 64,966 copies.

Is that good? I really have no idea. It seems like a solid number to me even though it's 9% lower than last year's first week of season 1 sales (71,279). Season 1 only had 9 episodes so it was a lot cheaper. Also the show had a larger audience then and the DVD was released when there was another season coming to air. Considering this is now a cancelled show that had supposedly lost about half of its viewers, I think season 2 selling 91% of last year's first week is probably good. I wish it had been some OMG WOW number so I wouldn't have to wonder, though.

I'm quite sure international sales will eventually put US sales to shame. One of the benefits of working on the TSCC campaign is that I've had the opportunity to see just how involved and motivated the worldwide fan base is. They love Sarah Connor. And I love them for that.

In conclusion: Fox lost about 50% of the live-viewing audience, yet WB retained over 90% of the buying audience.
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