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Freaking Big Push - Postcards!

Today's mission for The Freaking Big Push is Postcard Day. Eh, too much effort. WRONG! I'm going to walk you through it so you can see how easy this really is. All you need is a credit card (that you're going to put less than $3 on) and your fingers. Ready?

1. Pick a postcard to send. Just scroll down and find the one you want to mail to Warner Brothers and click on it to get the full size image. Save the image to your desktop. Sarah fan that I am, I chose this one.

2. Go to click2mail.com and sent up an account. Click2mail is really easy to use once you've been through the process, but it's a little confusing if you've never used it before. So I'll tell you exactly what to do:

3. Click the red "Get Started button in the center of the graphic near the top of the page.

4. Scroll down and click "Create an account" on the right hand.

5. Fill out the form and click "Register".

6. I hope I get this next part right because I already have an account and I'm already logged in. But I think it'll take you to the Create a new mailing page next. If not, then once you're registered, just use the link here to get to it.

7. Select "Postcards" as the type of mailing you want to do.

8. Click the "or, upload a new document" button that's right above those "small", "large", "reply" tabs.

9. In the "Select a product" pulldown menu, pick the first or second item: "Postcard - 4.25x6 single side" or "Postcard - 4.25x6 space saver". Single side means you don't get to add a note to the back and spacesaver means you do. You pay a bit more for spacesaver and chances are it's not going to get read anyway. So my suggestion is to pick a postcard design that carries a message. That's why I used the Wanted Poster design. No personalized message is even needed. Okay, next thing is to upload the artwork. Click that upload button and navigate to the postcard jpeg you saved to you desktop. Hit the "upload and mail" button.

10. In a new tab, pull up the WB address list. You'll want to send a postcard to all three of those people: Bruce Rosenblum, Peter Roth and Diane Nelson. Back on the click2mail page, click the link down on the left hand side that says "manage address book". That's where you'll enter the name, title and address for each of the three WB people. When that's done, hit the button in the bottom right corner that says "Next Step: Proof".

11. Now you can see what both sides of your postcard will look like. Use the little nav arrow that's in the upper right hand corner of the viewing area to make sure they all look fine. Check the box below it that says you've reviewed them all and click the "Next Step: Payment" button.

12. Pay attention! In the left hand column, it'll have you defaulted to B&W. Change that to full color and the paper to Gloss w/UV Coating. On the right hand side fill in your credit card info and hit the "Confirm Order" button. Ta-da! For a whopping $2.69 you've completed the mission.


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Sep. 10th, 2009 02:29 am (UTC)
Awesome. Just did this.
Sep. 10th, 2009 03:44 am (UTC)

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