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If I was a serial killer, I'd wanna be like Dexter

I think it was spectralbovine that first told me how awesome Dexter is and that I'd be a total idiot not to watch it (except he left out the part about me being an idiot because he's much too nice). Oddly, right about the time I decided to download all three seasons and watch it, my brother announced he was in the process of downloading it. That's not the first time that's happened either — we've got some kind of psychic entertainment link or something.

Anyway, my brother got started watching before the man and I did and crammed the whole thing into a single weekend. Every time he'd take a break, he'd tell us how amazing it was. He was right. spectralbovine was right. Dexter kicks ass. I really don't regret being such a later comer to to the series because it's so satisfying to marathon a couple seasons of a great show. And I don't even have to wait long for the new season to start! It'll be difficult to wait for weekly episodes, though.

Season 1 was definitely the creepiest and in the first few episodes I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to stick with it. Dexter scared me a little. Deb annoyed the shit out of me. And Doakes, well, I thought he was going to be a cardboard character. I was so wrong. That show got into me quickly and the characters were just so fucked up and awesome that I had to keep watching. Okay, Deb is still kind of annoying, but she and her potty mouth really grow on you.

It was actually this LJ icon that first intrigued me about Dexter. It thought it was fun when I didn't know what the hell it was. Now... more fun. I loved Doakes and I was so sad when he got killed off at the end of season 2. It was inevitable once he was onto Dexter, I know, but I missed him terribly when season 3 started. I was rather unreceptive to Quinn because of it. I think I've warmed up to him a bit now, though.

Of all the characters to come and go, the biggest surprise to me was Jimmy Smits. I've never found him very interesting as an actor, but damn he was good as Miguel. He blew me away in season 3. I thought that whole storyline started out a little slow, but once it we got into the thick of it, I enjoyed it quit a bit. I get so tense when Dexter's methods get screwed up! That's the cool thing about Dexter — you want him to succeed; you root for him. You want him to follow his code and kill bad people and never get caught. He's like this dark freaking super hero.

I heart Dexter.

I'm not entirely amused that Julie Benz has now joined the list of hot chicks I'm competing with in the man's fantasies, though. Small price to pay for getting to watch such a brilliant show, I guess.
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