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TSCC campaign updates

Freaking Big Mobile Billboard

In case you haven't been following along at savethescc, once the mobile billboard was funded and paid for, it was time to finalize the artwork. We put together a design and had fans vote on a couple slogan options. But there were a few gripes about the design, so we opened things up for fans to submit more designs. A couple designs came in and now it's time to vote again.

If you'd like to have a say in which one takes to the streets of Los Angeles Sept. 21-23, the poll is running in the savethescc forum. You'll need to be registered at the forum in order to participate. Polling ends on Wednesday, Aug. 12th.

Cameron CPU-styled USB Flash Drives

Want your very own Cameron chip? Well now you can have one, in the form of a 4gb USB flash drive. Unlike the stickers, these are being sold above cost as a fundraiser for the big Sept/Oct push. The season 2 DVD comes out September 22, so we've got more in store than just the mobile billboard campaign. A lot of what we have planned involves fan actions, but we've also set our sights on movie theater pre-show advertising to promote the DVD and boost sales. That's where all profit from the chips will go — to help fund the ads.

Movie theater advertising doesn't come cheap, though, and we're still shopping around for the best package. Once we've got that nailed down, we'll post the details and start asking for donations to fund the balance. In the meantime, why not help out the cause and get yourself a cool Cameron chip?
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