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Torchwood Lameness of Earth

I just watched all five parts of the Children of Earth mini series and I was riveted. Outstanding directing, performances and production values. The story, however, let me down big. After a spectacular set up, it all just kind of fell apart.

The best thing about Children of Earth was the introduction of Lois Habiba. The worst thing was how absolutely pathetic Torchwood turned out to be. They used Lois and then left her in prison to face charges of treason. Yeah, I know she got sprung at the end, but that was no thanks to Torchwood, who were responsible for her being there in the first place. They still had the recordings of all the Prime Minister's meetings, so why not use those to force Lois' release? Thank God for Frobisher's assistant.

The Prime Minister telling Frobisher he had to give up his kids to the 456 was just stupid. Frobisher's threat to go public totally would have worked. Yeah, his daughters would know exactly what was going to happen to them, but so would everyone else in the world. It would've sparked a massive civil uprising and the entire child-collecting process would have come to a halt.

When Jack figures out the thing with the transmission through the children at the end and they all start screaming, how did everyone else know that meant everything was okay? Soldiers were battling with Gwen and company for the kids, but right after the screaming event, Gwen was relieved and the soldiers stop struggling to get the kids. Huh? Speaking of those kids that Gwen and Ryse were with... 10% of the world's children were being rounded up to hand over to alien drug addicts, yet Gwen's only priority is to protect Ianto's niece and nephew? LAME.

Sorry Jack, you're lame too. It was an incredibly powerful moment when he sacrificed his own grandson to save humanity, but it was an incredibly weak moment when his badass stance against the 456 was nothing but a bluff. WTF? His entire plan was to simply tell the aliens no and hoped they went away? Then Ianto dies along with a building full of people and that's it — Capt. Jack Harkness gives up, Gwen gives up, and the human race will now hand over millions of kids rather than fight.

Yeah, I know they didn't have to in the end and Jack saved the day after all. There was too much lameness leading up to it, though. Maybe it's for the best that Torchwood got destroyed.
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