Roxy Bisquaint (roxybisquaint) wrote,
Roxy Bisquaint

The M factor

I went to the range today with my new Springfield XDM-9. It handled great. I was hoping for less recoil than I get with my Glock 26, but really it was about the same. Supposedly the longer barrel reduces how much you feel it, but it also has more top/front weight which is harder for me to control. So I'd say the recoil felt about the same. It's heavier all around than baby Glock (also heavier than The Man's Glock 17). The weight wasn't a problem at all for me, though. It's quite comfortable to hold and shoot. The grip and the trigger are really nice. I do have one complaint: that trigger gets HOT. My index finger actually got burned.

Accuracy is something I need to work on. Even with the Springfield fitting my hand better than the Glock, the small hand problem still comes into play. Basically, I have to have a slightly rotated grip on the gun. To compensate for that, I tilt my wrist when aiming. But at the moment I fire, my wrist has a tendency to pull back to its natural position and my shots hit right of center. So it's just one of those things I have to get better at compensating for. At least I'm fairly consistent, though. If I can overcome that, my accuracy should improve a lot.

Oh get this: At both the gun shop where I first saw this gun and at the gun show where I bought it, I was told it held 16 rounds. Well guess what? It actually holds 19 rounds. Apparently, the .40 caliber model holds 16 rounds, not the 9mm that I have. I hadn't examined the magazine closely enough to notice the extra capacity until I was actually loading it for the first time today. Kickass!
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