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TSCC fans join in!

You guys all know Schmacky, right? She makes TSCC fan videos like this one and fights the good fight at the wiki. Well, she wants to put together a video of the fans as sort of a "save our show" kind of thing. Honestly, I don't expect anything but the financial viability of the TSCC to determine whether we get a 3rd season, but I think this is a fun idea and it certainly can't hurt.

I'm going to make a video and you should too.

Here is a reposting of Schmacky's post from other message boards:


So I thought it would be really cool to have a video in the form of an advertisement.. say, like 30 seconds to a minute. It would be of the fans - saying how they love SCC, how they view it, when they view it, how many people in their household view it... then put it together all cool-like and send it to Fox. Would it do anything? Probably not. Maybe so, but highly unlikely. Who knows. But, I thought of instead of just writing FOX and Warner Bros and letting them know we watch.. to make a video so that they can SEE the faces of the fans of this show.

So I need your help to do it. Do you have a video camera or a webcam? It's easy. I just need you to record yourself and export the file as either a wmv, avi, mov, or mpeg in a resolution of 640X480 and upload it on megaupload or whatever those free hosting sites are and send me the link via email. It would be best to have your full name on there, so if you're worried about security and whatnot.. you don't need to tell me what your screen name is here and if you want, you can make up a bogus email and send me the link that way.

Use just one shot and try to have a piece of TSCC merchandise or poster in the background. Try to get as best lighting as possible and be creative with the shot. Maybe have the camera low and shooting up at you or something. What I need you to say is specific so the script is as follows:

There is no fate but what we make for ourselves
My name is [say name]
I watch Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (only mention legal ways of viewing, so say either:
a) live
b) on DVR
c) download from iTunes
d) on Fox on Demand
e) on Hulu
f) download on Amazon
My favorite character is [name character] because [SHORT reason as to why]
I am [age] years old and am from [location]
[number] people watch Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles with me in my household
People are watching. They are always watching. We must take back the future.
The fight for our tomorrow starts today.

Say all of that and when I get enough videos I will splice them all together.. it'll be awesome. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! I think this is a great way to help the show and if not.. it'll be fun and will unite ALL of the fans.

So once you get it on camera and upload it so I can download send the link to

Please do this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It'll only take you a few minutes but you'll be doing such a great service to the fandom. Let us SHOW Fox how many fans they really have! Let Fox SEE how many fans they have!


Schmacky didn't give a specific date in there, but I know she wants these videos by Friday night so she can work on this over the weekend.
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