Roxy Bisquaint (roxybisquaint) wrote,
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step up

I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day to buy some new sheets with a gift card I'd gotten for Christmas. Oddly, they have horrible prices on bedding, so I think I'll hit up Marshall's soon for that instead. I can usually find a nice, high thread count queen set there for like $40 (as opposed to the $100+ I would've paid at BB&B). But since I had a gift card to spend, I browsed. The man and I picked up a new set of kitchen knives, which we were in sore need of and then I saw this awesome step stool:

It's way cool — lightweight, super sturdy and it opens and collapses really easily. I love this thing. Now I can reach the top shelves of the kitchen cabinets without climbing on the counter. Yay!
Tags: cool products

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