Roxy Bisquaint (roxybisquaint) wrote,
Roxy Bisquaint

Cameron gets a hair cut

Action figure Kyle is finished. Action figure Riley is finished. And action figure Catherine is finished. Yay! Since they need to sit for a while before I assemble them for pictures (want to make sure the paint is good and hard), I moved on to Cameron. Cameron?! You ask. Yeah, Cameron. I've always thought her hair was too big, so I decided to grind it down some.

No finished picture of her yet either (she's drying), but the operation was a success. Well, sort of. I still think her hair is too big, but I feared taking too much off or it might crack or have some other catastrophic failure. One of the things I learned going through this action figure making process a second time is that it's best to grind down the top and back of the head before sculpting on hair. I didn't do that with Cameron, but I did it with the new figures and it worked out well. Lesson learned.

So anyway, Cameron still has big hair, but I think it's improved. At least it's not such a lightbulb head now. And with a fresh coat of paint, it's a slightly lighter brown and not quite as shiny.

ETA: I just found a splinter of plastic embedded in my knuckle. I yanked it and now I have a bloody knuckle. I blame Cameron. This action figure making is hazardous! A few days ago I stabbed my finger with the tip of my pocket knife while I was whittling Catherine Weaver's hair. It was quite a sight when her face was suddenly covered in blood. :P
Tags: hair, tscc custom action figures

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