Roxy Bisquaint (roxybisquaint) wrote,
Roxy Bisquaint

Will I never learn?

Why do I repeatedly sit on the couch with my legs stretched across to the coffee table, crossed with one ankle over the other? Gravity is certainly no friend to knees hovering over the space between couch and table. After a while I will inevitably start to feel an ache in the bottom knee. I reverse the cross of my legs, but within a few minutes the new bottom knee starts to ache. I'm probably in the middle of working or playing on the laptop, so I ignore it. I'll get up in a minute.

The thing about me on my laptop is I can ignore most other things when I'm on it. I get pulled-in, focused and that's that. I can turn off all awareness beyond the computer. I think I could actually have surgery without anesthesia if I just got involved in something on my laptop before they made the first incision.

A half hour goes by and I become acutely aware that the dull ache in my knee has grown to agonizing levels of pain. I finally decide to pull my legs off the table, which hurts even more. The lower knee really doesn't want to bend now. I bend it anyway... OUCH!... Then I get up and limp around like an idiot for a few minutes until the pain subsides and I can walk normal.

When I sit back down on the couch, the cycle repeats itself.

I'm doing it right now. Augh. It's really going to hurt when I get up.
Tags: dunce award, i need a brain upgrade, my laptop and i are inseparable, my life, ouch

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