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2 Sarahs too many

What happens when you have one Sarah action figure and you need three? Augh. Lots of PhotoShop work, that's what. Please back 9, no more Sarah hallucinations of herself. It was fun to watch, but not so fun in Comical world. Anyway, yes, I'm working on it. Finally. Aiming for Friday. Oddly, this comic seems to require my "happy joy" iTunes playlist.

In a related story, I was digging through old posts in the Sarah Connor thread at SCS and I came across a post of mine from last summer (June 27). It was what I hoped for season 2. Here's what I said:

With Charley back in the picture, Derek killing people, The Turk still missing, John lying to her, Cromartie on the hunt, Sarakissian attempting to kill them... The deck is sufficiently stacked and I'm expecting a much more intense Sarah in season 2.

I'd want to see her dealing with the cancer worry. I want more nightmares. I want more Charley angst. I want a Sarah and Ellison to finally meet. I want Sarah and Derek to face-off over their differences. And I also want some mother-son conflict. If John's going to start maturing, let's see some growing pains. He needs to struggle with that - be a little rebellious, make some mistakes. And I'd expect Sarah to have a tough time dealing with it.

Apparently I got everything I wanted. I still wished the Sarah and John troubles had played better, but after reading that, how can I complain about anything (other than not enough Sarah, of course)?
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