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My neighbor across the street came running over:

I'm so glad to see you! No one's seen you in a long time. Everyone was worried. We hadn't seen you! I'm glad you're all right. I was worried. No one had seen you!

Apparently, I had been presumed dead by at least two neighbors.

Admittedly, I don't leave the house that often. We do eat out a lot of evenings and I run a few errands a week, but since I work from home, I spend most of my time, well, home. You do realize in modern society there is almost no need to leave the house (Campbell ScottI still love you). Also, my dog died almost 3 months ago. She was an ailing pup and when she was still with us, I was out there like 5 times a day helping her do her business. Her absence precipitated my absence from the great outdoors, which brought an abrupt end to frequent neighbor-waving and occasional chit-chattiness. It was also winter, so it's not like I was trimming the yard or sitting on the front porch enjoying the weather. My neighbor had obviously missed my brief appearances over the last few months. But I don't exactly stroll or saunter. I tend to whisk and breeze. I must move quicker than I realized. Either that or I become invisible to others when ultraviolet light hits my body.

Anyway, I am alive.


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Roxy Bisquaint...

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