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TSCC, why must you torment me so?

More random theories:

Those 3 dots are a date pertaining to Serrano Point.

The blood dots are next to Greenway on the wall, so I think they have something to do with the power plant. In Self Made Man, we learn that you can pinpoint a date with 3 stars (well maybe some of you geeks already knew that eh?). But the blood dots couldn't be indicating any specific date because it's not possible to be anywhere close to that accurate. So I think the dots are there to indicate that there's an important date surrounding Serrano Point that requires their attention.

We've been given 2 dates in regards to Serrano Point:
- Battle of Avila Beach on Dec 8, 2026
- Plant opening in August 2009

I doubt it has anything to do with the battle (though I do find it curious that we were given that specific date). So I'm inclined to think that the 3 dots are about the plant opening. If metal!Greenway had succeeded, the plant would have melted down, been unusable in the future and potentially contaminated the entire area (Skynet wins). But in stopping Greenway, it opened the door for automation, which probably means Skynet would retain control over it in the future (Skynet wins). So I'm thinking that stopping metal!Greenway was only step 1 in that mission. Step 2 is to prevent the plant from going online with an automated control room.

Sarah is going to eventually get cancer that starts in her upper left arm.

I had this theory back in eps 1 & 2 this season because there was a lot of focus put on her arm wound. When she got the contamination scrub-down at the power plant, they even made it a point to show that wound get scrubbed (and that episode was all cancer, cancer, cancer). But then her arm healed so I gave up the theory. In Self Made man, however, we're back to a cancer story, with Cameron's friend Eric. He had bone cancer and Cameron informs him it's returned in the long bone of his arm (upper arm). This could be some foreshadowing, so I'm back to my Sarah theory. And while I'm at it, I'll pass along another theory I read last season after The Turk, that Sarah will get leukemia that can be cured with terminator blood. It's a little BSG-ish, but also a very cool idea.

Baby references?

I still have no theories on all the baby references this season. We're probably like 3 months (in Connor time) since the pilot, right? If Sarah had jumped through time pregnant, she'd know it by now. I really hope it's not that Riley gets pregnant with John's baby. Anyone else have any baby theories? It's all gotta mean something.
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