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strange theories happen after the one-two point

I don't know if any of you saw the Andy Goode theory I formulated back in March, but the gist of it was that because of his path crossing with Sarah he would not have been the guy who created Skynet, but rather the guy to prevent it. The AI never would have gotten "angry" if Andy had developed it because he had a desire to understand it and communicate with it on a personal level.

Andy's gone now, but I think part of that idea may be coming through in Catherine's story. She picked up where Andy left off in advancing the AI. I'm not sure of her end goal at this point. That eel in the fish tank still screams EEEEVIL to me and her wardrobe is growing darker with each passing episode (started out white and has moved through progressively darker shades of grey). So the likely scenario is that she's intending to birth Skynet... until we factor in Sherman and Ellison.

Sherman prompted Catherine, a machine, to start acting more human towards her daughter while also helping her to understand the AI from a more human perspective. Enter Ellison, who informs Catherine that a thinking machine with no morals or ethics is dangerous. And now it would seem he's going to help in that regard by teaching John Henry the 10 Commandments and more. Regardless of Catherine's original intention, what she may end up with isn't a machine that kills without conscience, but rather a machine that understands the meaning of death and, by extension, the value of life. I think this may be a game-changing moment.

There's been an on-going debate with TSCC about whether or not judgment day can actually be prevented. We've been told the future's not set and that there's no fate but what you make. Yet no matter what Sarah does, the grim future only gets delayed — the AI that leads to Skynet always springs back up. It seems inevitable that it'll develop, be implemented by the military and the apocalypse will follow. Maybe that's because the approach has always been to try to thwart the progress of the technology rather than to try to change the nature of the technology. And I'm starting to think that changing the technology is how the Connors can actually win the war.
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