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feeling patriotic anyway

Right of center beats far left any day for me, so even though I wasn't surprised by the outcome of the election, I am still disappointed. McCain never thrilled me, but I do think he was the better man for the job. If Obama can move himself a few steps to the right and put some substance (other than taxes) behind his fab speeches (I do so love a good speech), he may do okay. If not, it'll perhaps be an interesting experiment in liberalism. I have doubt it'll be much more than the that, but I could be wrong. He could end up being good for the country for the next 4 years.*

So even in defeat, I feel okay about it. As my younger brother is fond of saying: "It really doesn't matter who gets elected. My life isn't going to change anyway." Ironically, he voted for Obama ;)

There's more. It's rough. I've got things to say and it may rub you wrong, even though it's not intended to. This cut isn't here to tempt you. It's here because I don't want to force it on you, but I want it out there. This is how I feel.

My one true hope from an Obama victory...

That the hatred from the far left that has been ripping this country apart for 8 years will finally cease.

I'm talking to you, haters (you know who you are). You of the "he's not my president." You who drew Hitler mustaches. You who got him elected for a second term (something you're probably still oblivious to because you've had your heads up your asses for so long). You who told me I must be ignorant if ever I don't agree with you. There is no excuse for what you have done.

Guess who I didn't vote for in this election? Obama. Guess who will be my president in January? Obama. Why? Because I am better than you are. I always have been. I'm a better citizen and I'm a better person. And if it takes a sharp turn to the left for a while to help this country find it's way towards center again, I'm all in. But a president can't lead us there. We the people have to do it. There is no hope — nothing will ever change — until you stop the fucking hate. We won, so we'll act civil now would be a rather hollow gesture, but it's all you've got left to give. And maybe in time it'll come to mean something. So do it already. The hate must end here.

No, this isn't directed at anyone I know (jeez, I hope not — you all seem like good eggs to me), but it's not just a rant either. Consider it an open letter to the haters across the web. Maybe it's because I'm still riding the high of helping 1052 people cast their votes today in the shared exercise of American democracy or just that the accompanying exhaustion is making me incapable of censoring myself right now out of concern that I may offend. All I know is I've wanted to say this for so very long and tonight just feels right.

* My dream candidate (and former Lt. Gov. of my state) didn't enter the race this time around, but I'm hopeful he'll throw his hat in the ring in 4 years. So in the grand tradition of being on the losing side of an election, I'll go ahead and kick off...

Michael Steele 2012!

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