April 1st, 2009

sarah gun

in love with a gun

I know what you're thinking because I'm thinking it too.

Roxy, you don't need another gun!

Well that's what I was thinking... until I held the Springfield XD 9 in my hand. Now I think I do need it. I'd never even given the Springfield a look because I was sure that extra palm grip safety would be a nuissance. Not so. You don't even know you're pressing it, and the trigger is a breeze to squeeze. It's just awesome.

Why do these things have to be so damn expensive? $650 for this baby. I can probably find it closer to $550 if I shop around, though. And hey, what do you know!, there just happens to be a gun show not too far from here this weekend :)
team connor

TSCC fans join in!

You guys all know Schmacky, right? She makes TSCC fan videos like this one and fights the good fight at the wiki. Well, she wants to put together a video of the fans as sort of a "save our show" kind of thing. Honestly, I don't expect anything but the financial viability of the TSCC to determine whether we get a 3rd season, but I think this is a fun idea and it certainly can't hurt.

I'm going to make a video and you should too. Collapse )