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TSCC: Custom Action Figures PART 7

Thanks to the split verdict of my poll, I went ahead and made a duplicate head for John so he can have both season 1 emo hair and season 2 short hair. The first order of business was to finish up the short hair look. To do that, I simply added a little tuft of Sculpey to the front.

Then it was time for head duplication. You've already seen how I had to alter his neck, so I won't bore you with that again. That's the part I was dreading most about making a second head, but it was actually a lot quicker and easier since I'd been through the process once before. What I will show you this time is where I got the head(s) from:

It comes from a stupid underwater Deep Six figure and those suckers are hard to crack open. I had to cut it apart and then use a hammer and 6-in-1 tool to smash it open the rest of the way. For some reason this second head was much more difficult to get to. But once it was out, ground down and neck neck base molded on, it was time for EMO HAIR SCULPTING. Yeeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaa!

That was without a doubt the funnest part of this whole action figure process so far. I don't know if you guys like it, but I LOVE it. I think it's hilarious — just like John's hair was by the end of the season. After cooking the head to harden the hair, I did the usual shaping and here is the finished product:

After that, I assessed each figure and did some final prep work on everyone — added an EMT badge to Charley's shirt, sanded the military stripes off Ellison's legs, stuck some pockets on Derek's jacket and added a tuft to his hair, and I reshaped the soles of John's shoes to convert them from dress shoes to sneakers and sanded off his gloves (although I did those last 2 things to John after I took the photo below). And I think that's about it.

So guess what? It's finally painting time!
I'd like there to actually be some surprise to all this, so I probably won't show any of the painting process until they're done. Sit tight.

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