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TSCC: Custom Action Figures POLL

Thank you so much for the response everyone. I've closed the poll because it seems pretty clear that I need to make both a short hair head and an emo bangs head for John. Really, that's what I wanted to do anyway, but it means preparing another head (pain in the butt), so if the majority of people preferred short hair John I wasn't going to bother. I will now. So thanks again - you've motivated me to do it.

Poll #1226397 TSCC: Custom Action Figures POLL - I need you input!
This poll is closed.

For my John Connor action figure, should I go with season 1 emo bangs or season 2 short hair?

Emo! John will always be a bangs-hanging-in-face kid to me.
Short Hair! I never want to see those awful bangs again.
Can't you make a duplicate head and have both?

If you have no idea what this is about, see these posts:
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Tags: hair, sarah connor chronicles, tscc custom action figures

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