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around and around and around

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Prednisone, day 4.
I can rotate my right shoulder!

For like 3 months I've had this disgruntled shoulder problem where reaching backwards or rotating backwards was either painful or flat out undoable. I have no idea what I did to it, but two weeks ago, I realized it wasn't going to get better on its own and I went to the doctor. Actually, I realized that 4 weeks ago, but it took me 2 weeks to get an appointment. Grrr.

The doctor prescribed 9 days of Prednisone (40mgs for 3 days, then taper). Eek. I was kind of terrified to take it because my mom had a really bad time on a much lower dose last year and the internet is overflowing with side effect horror stories. I contemplated the prescription for a week and a half before I finally got brave and took it. And... it's turned out to not be bad at all. I apparently tolerate it well.

I hope my shoulder doesn't get all grumpy again as soon as I'm done with the prescription.

I also hope I can figure out a way to retain all the extra energy these pills are giving me. Case in point: After eating SPAGHETTI for dinner tonight, I wasn't tired, didn't want coffee, didn't want to sit and digest, nope. Instead, I cleared the dishes, grabbed the line trimmer, went outside and did all the yard edging. Then I came in and cleaned up the kitchen. I did eventually sit down and watch TV... Gotham and Better Call Saul (stupid Chuck. I hate chuck).


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