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TSCC: Custom Action Figures PART 2

I've finished most of the grunt work on the figures now. There were, as expected, some parts changes along the way. Ellison got new arms because I liked the rolled-up sleeves look. Cameron also got new arms (I was going to have to paint the others flesh colored, now it'll be easier). I swapped John and Derek's abdomens because John's belt is more noticeable. Sarah got new legs because I liked the look of these boots better. Cromartie got new legs and a new abdomen because I'm going for his season finale "man in black" look. These legs had cowboy boots and this abdomen had a big belt buckle with a bull on it (yeah, I'm going to take a few liberties in punching up the western look).

So I think I'm satisfied now with my parts choices:

You're probably thinking "uh, what's different from last time?" Well let me tell you... lots and lots of power sanding, Dremeling and hand sanding. I removed some unwanted guns, pockets, pouches, etc. and reshaped a few parts. If you're curious about the process, I have photos of the work here.

Now I have to deal with the 3 heads that don't fit right. Sarah's neck will require some Dremeling and sanding and John and Charley's necks need some bulk added to them in order to fit their torsos. After that, it'll be hair time for Cameron (and maybe Sarah). And then I get to start bringing them to life with paint.

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