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Baltimore, the city that burns

It all seems pretty hopeless. The criminals are too often recidivist and the police are too often aggressive. Although when I used to live in the city, my own experiences with Baltimore Police were quite different. They were lazy and incompetent, not aggressive and proactive. I was on the victim end of things, though (nothing violent, just burglary and theft), not the perpetrator end. I'm sure that makes a difference.

So, what can be done about all this?

Maybe it's time to bring back the beat cops. I know they don't do it anymore because crime is so high that the cops are constantly needed to respond to calls. But if they could find a way to expand the police force to include beat cops, relations between cops and the communities might improve. The cops would get to know the people on their beat as human beings and the people would get to know them. Maybe they'd develop a little mutual respect. Maybe the police wouldn't be so harsh. Maybe there would be less crime on the streets.

Either that or it's time for a robotic police force — no bias, no opinion, no aggression, and no criminals getting away! Yep, that would totally solve the problems. Until something went horribly wrong with the programming, of course. But until that inevitability, it'd be awesome.


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