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I hate Jess (and other thoughts about Gilmore Girls)

Well, I did it. I rewatched all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. What started as a temporary feel-good measure turned into a feel-good bender. I feel lost now without more episodes to watch. How can I be done? Waaaaah.

Oh how I love that theme song. I love it so much that I could never bring myself to jump past the opening credits. I had to hear it and I had to sing along... 153 times. It gave me warm, fuzzy feel goods every time. In the world of TV show openings, it's definitely one of the best. I'm so glad they never changed it (aside from a few clip updates along the way). I hate when shows change ruin their intros.

I'd forgotten how much I despised Jess. And how Rory was so instantly drawn to him. He was a total dick to every. single. person. in Stars Hollow, but as long as he was all intellectually bookwormy with her, she was fine with it? Oh Rory. Was he supposed to be your "bad boy"? I guess if smug asshole qualifies as "bad boy", it can sort of work on that level. But really, it didn't because DEAN. Yeah, if I'm caring enough about Rory's love life to pick a ship (and apparently, I am), it's Rory/Dean. In my mind, Rory eventually comes back to Stars Hollow and she and Dean get back together and live happily ever after. She runs the local paper and he eventually takes over Doose's Market.

And just forget Logan. Bleh. Rory definitely doesn't get back together with him. I don't even know why they dragged that relationship out for so long. It had really run its course in a season, but they kept it going and then gave it an awkward, abrupt ending. WhatevZZZzzzzzzz. I'll take a Paris/Doyle or Lane/Zack moment any day over a Rory/Logan moment. So bland, those two.

I hadn't forgotten how much I disliked Luke's annoying sister, Liz, and her annoyingly dumbass husband, TJ. The show was worse for the introduction of those annoying characters, filling valuable screen time with so much annoyingness. Did I mention they were annoying? I don't know how anyone could've thought they were a good addition to the show. If the goal was to ground Luke with some family, surprise!daughter April did that just fine on her own. She had all the potential to be a Cousin Oliver level of annoying, yet wasn't at all. I liked her and wish she'd actually been around more. I think she fit in well with all the secondary characters of Star Hollow.

Kirk, Babbette (and Mory), Miss Patty, Mrs. Kim, Taylor... So much love. The town would've been lifeless without them and all the other bit players. One of my favorite scenes was in the last season when Kirk opened a "Kirk's Diner" in the park across the street from Luke's Diner while it was being repaired — serving breakfast and coffee in a backwards cap and flannel shirt, same sign, same menu, even a "NO CELL PHONES" sign. Kirk rules. Another favorite moment of mine was when Lane told her mom that the band was breaking up and the always uptight Mrs. Kim suddenly sprang into action and got them on tour. No matter that she completely disapproved of Lane's band, Kims don't quit!

Sookie was always fun, but I wish she and Jackson hadn't gotten together so quickly. The relationship stresses they went through weren't nearly as fun as their short lived pre-relationship banter. Jackson never should've shaved off his beard. He always looked like he was missing it once it was gone. Or maybe I was always missing it and projected that onto him. Oh and what happened to Sookie being a clutz? That trait vannished rather quickly.

Speaking of things vannishing, Michel's accent waned quite a bit during the period when he and Sookie and Lorelai were in inn limbo. I guess it's because he had to deliver substantial dialog instead of his usual snarky retorts. Once they got the new inn up and running, though, Michel's accent (and snarky retorts) were back up to par.

Lorelai Lorelai Lorelai. She's everything. Certainly one of the greats in all of TV. It was her fast-talking, pop-culture-laced wit that hooked me on Gilmore Girls originally, but below that entertaining surface was a fully realized character that kept me interested season after season. Humor wasn't just part of her personality, it was her coping mechanism, particularly in dealing with her parents. I have to admit, though, I wasn't always on Lorelai's side. Yeah, her parents were controlling and tried to push her into a life she didn't want, but there were times I just wanted her to get the fuck over it and grow up. On a sidenote, I just learned that Edward Herrmann died a few months ago. That makes me sad and I'm kind of glad I didn't know that while I was doing the rewatch. He was definitely one of the greats.

The only way Gilmore Girls could've dissappointed me in the end is if Lorelai and Luke hadn't gotten back together. From the early sensing of chemistry between them, through a few seasons of will they or won't they, to the pairing and breakup and interference of Christopher, I never doubted they'd be together in the end (I mean even when watching this series originally). The best thing the show did with the Luke-Lorelai-Christopher love triangle was to introduce Luke and get us feeling Lorelai/Luke before the introduction of Christopher. If they hadn't done that, I'm not sure Luke and Lorelai would've felt as right together as they did. And they really did.

Great show, that Gilmore Girls. I think I'll have a 3rd watch in another 7 years.

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