Roxy Bisquaint (roxybisquaint) wrote,
Roxy Bisquaint

I've seen that before. Kyle Reese had one.

But this one is Derek Reese's. Actually, it's mine (temporarily, anyway) :D

Yep, I got me some temporary tattoos made that look like the one Derek had in TSCC. I put one on tonight and it's filled me with fandomy giddiness. I have Derek Reese's Skynet work camp tattoo. On my arm. hee.

This was something we'd thought about getting made as fundraiser for SaveTheSCC back in the day. We never did though and I don't remember why. Then we were going to have them made as swag for No Fate Con, but y'know... didn't quite work out. So I've had a few incarnations of this tattoo design sitting dormant on my computer for years. What good is that? Unused tattoo designs are no fun at all! I finally remedied that and got them made. And now? On my arm? Totally fun.

Derek Reese barcode tattoo

If any of you die hards still lurking about want to join in my fandom fun and play Skynet prisoner 091201091304, let me know — I've got some extra tattoos to share.
Tags: branding, derek reese, fandom, happiness is, sarah connor chronicles

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