Roxy Bisquaint (roxybisquaint) wrote,
Roxy Bisquaint

TSCC quick fic - Faith in the Machine

[Just a quick peek into Derek's head near in the end of The Mousetrap.]

Sarah had the van rolling fast over the dirt, but it was futile and Derek knew it. And he knew she knew it. But she was determined to get to John. The stone intensity of her face against the jumbled blur of desert brush told him that. Even as the god damned wife's moans competed with rushing wind, Sarah's foot stayed hard on the pedal, knuckles tight to the wheel.

Derek just wanted this god-awful situation to end. He didn't fucking care if that woman bled out back there. Why should he? She's not important. Stopping Skynet is important. Changing the future is important. And smashing that metal mother fucker into junk is important — would be important if they could get to it in time.

He steadied himself with a hand against the dash and prayed the other metal wouldn't glitch again. It was all he could do — put his faith in one fucking machine to protect his nephew from another.
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