Roxy Bisquaint (roxybisquaint) wrote,
Roxy Bisquaint

No Fate Con

Registration starts today for No fate Con. Memberships are $85 initially, but they'll be going up to $125 in July and $150 in January, so if you're thinking of going, don't delay too long! And don't let the vacant guest page scare you. We're working on it and there will be actors and writers from the show as well as some topical speakers. Oh one note: We had a scheduling conflict (Already?! Yeah, my brain nearly exploded about that because it actually happened the day we launched the site!), so we pushed the con back a week back to May 11-13, 2012 (and then my brain got better).

I hope you guys can all come. It's going to be a lot of fun. Really :)

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Tags: advertising, no fate con, sarah connor chronicles, video

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