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I watched all six seasons of Weeds last week. That was an interesting experience and I wish I'd stopped after season three (loved those first three seasons). I've never seen a show change so dramatically for the worse from one season to the next. It was like a completely different show (and not a very good one).

If I'd been watching Weeds in real-time, I doubt I would've stuck with it through the fourth season. Marathoning a show has a way of making you keep going, though — you always hope it'll get better soon and when soon is maybe two hours away instead of a month away, it's a lot easier to watch the next episode. Sadly, It never did get better and seasons 4-6 are just a blur of wandering mediocrity. WTF Weeds? How does that happen and why? Stagnation is bad, so I can understand wanting to change things up a bit, but throwing out everything that makes a show good and turning it into something completely different makes no sense at all.

I've read that season seven will be the last one, so when it airs later this year, I'll watch it just to complete the show and see how it ends. I think I already know, though.

We left off with Nancy implementing "plan C", which was for Andy and the boys to take off for Copenhagen while she gets arrested. Nancy, baby, Esteban and Guillermo walking out of the airport to the waiting police was a great moment. It was perhaps the best moment in a few seasons. The whole time they were walking through the airport, I couldn't understand why she didn't yell to a cop for help. Facing her crimes is surely a better option than ending up in a landfill, especially when she's got information to make a deal with! So I was pleased that her plan was a bigger, better version of that.

And now for my speculation about where season seven will go (or where I hope it'll go to wrap up the story)...

Nancy makes a deal with the Feds, agreeing to testify against Esteban and Guillermo in exchange for immunity (for herself and Shane). The whole Botwin family goes into witness protection because of this and they end up in a typical suburban neighborhood in Pittsburgh... where Nancy starts selling weed.
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