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Sydney Bristow could definitely kick my ass

After much prodding by cj2017, I started watching Alias this weekend. It's so awesome. How did I miss out on this show when it originally aired? Oh yeah... 9/11. We watched nothing but news for like two months after 9/11 and mostly news for several months after that. Regular TV just felt weird so we only tuned in to a few returning favorites that season.

Marathoning rules though, so I'm not exactly sad I missed out on weekly viewings back then. This show would've driven me nuts with the nonstop cliffhangers! In three days' time, the man and I have watched 21 episodes. Aside from a couple of really dull eps kicking off the last act, it's been a rockin' good time. Sydney Bristow definitely gets a slot on my awesome TV chicks list, along side Olivia Dunham, Aeryn Sun, Veronica Mars, and Sarah Walker. What's this? No Sarah Connor on the list?! No, she's on THE SARAH FUCKING CONNOR list (and she's the only one on it).

If you've never seen Alias, take cj2017's advice like I did and watch it.

In case you're curious, the Alias eps I hated were 1x17-19. Those were the FBI Q&A and that two-parter with long-lost boyfriend/agent. Bleh. I guess the Q&A episode was to help viewers catch up and/or help new viewers join in. It wasn't so bad for that, but since the tiny bit it moved the story forward felt very tacked on it still gets a LAME! vote. The next two with the so-obviously-a-bad-guy boyfriend were dull and stupid and annoying. I think the only purpose of that story was to give Sydney another reason cry (as if she needs to cry more).

Speaking of emo, I'm amused that every scene at Sydney's apartment has some sappy chick music. Sarah McLachlan, Enya, Natalie Merchant, Kate Bush... It's like Lilith Fair in there! Even more amusing was a scene at Will's apartment with... sappy guy music playing! Despite my emo smirks, I do love the use of music in this show. The club beats of the mission sequences really keep the pace up.

I'm starting to wonder if Sydney will ever pull off a mission without being found out by the bad guys. I'm wondering if she'll ever think to pack a gun (Kicking is cool and all, but pack some heat, woman!). I'm also wondering how many times Slone can be suspicious of her (and her father) and still trust them (or sort of trust them). And I'm wondering if everyone but Slone will eventually know the truth about Sydney and Jack.

I wasn't surprised to find out her mother is still alive (or that she was a KGB agent). And I suspect we'll find out at some point that Slone is actually Sydney's father. I haven't done any reading about the show because I don't want to be spoiled, so don't tell me if I'm right or wrong on that. I like the twists and turns the story takes even when I see them coming. There are plenty I haven't seen coming, though, and that's what makes it such a fun show. That and the roundhouse kicks. And the wigs.

So, all these wigs... was that JJ Abrams way of getting back at viewers about the Felicity hair thing?
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