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BAG speaks!

You're all aware of Thomas Dekker's recent mentions of a TSCC continuation movie, right? He's dropped hints that there are early talks going on and that one of the other actors is involved in it all. Well if you had any doubts about it, maybe this will change your mind:

Thomas Dekker and Brian Austin Green were at Starfury and got asked about all this Sarah Connor Chronicles movie talk at a Q&A. Jenkehs from the TSCC wiki attended the panel and reported back.

The gist of it all is that James Middleton and Brian Austin Green have been working to get a Sarah Connor Chronicles continuation movie. Josh Friedman is going to be asked to return, along with writers Zack Stenz and Ash Miller. This movie would complete the story as it was originally intended and if it were successful enough, a sequel could perhaps follow.

• Here's the wiki thread about it.
• Jenkehs also captured a bit of audio of BAG's reply.

So there you have it. TSCC. Movie. It will happen. It's just a matter of when.

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