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Save TSCC at Comic Con

It's been a year since TSCC was dropped. I know, I can't believe it either. Seems like only yesterday I was crying my eyes out and cursing Fox. Oh, heh. It was. That's how I start every day since Sarah Connor disappeared from TV.

I've spent nearly a year now with savethescc, brainstorming, planning, organizing and campaigning for more. The chances were always slim. We all knew that going in. But It's too good of a story and the characters too well developed to simply fade away from the Terminator verse. I mean seriously, should something that started as strong as The Terminator be stuck playing out along the path of T3 and T4? HELL NO. Also, there's no Cameron or Derek on that path... and no Sarah fucking Connor!

So we're making one more move. One more plea to Warner Brothers. One more show of fan support for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And we're doing it where industry and fandom converge: Comic Con San Diego. We're going to do a 3-day run of the billboard there, as well as hand out stickers and other TSCC promo goodies to con goers. You can read all about it at savethescc.

This means we need money, of course. I know you're all tired of reaching into your pockets, but this is the last time I'll ask for campaign donations. After this, we'll let the powers that be do their thing and we'll turn our attention to planning a TSCC con.

Just to run the billboard at Comic Con, we need $2475. Everything over and above that will go toward getting merchandise printed up for handing out. Please help with whatever amount you can. As an incentive, everyone who donates $25 or more will get a set of Cameron's 'no' 'FA' 'te' buttons (we'll be getting those made after the donation drive is done, so it'll be a few weeks before they're sent out).

Please spread the word far and wide. We need everyone's help for this final push! There is no fate but what we make.
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