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concentration face vs the neurotoxin

So I got my forehead injected with Botox last week. Yep. I did. I didn't get a lot, so it's not like I'm all frozen-faced or anything. I doubt it's even noticeable to anyone who doesn't see my face on a daily basis. Actually, I'm not even sure the man would've noticed if I hadn't been checking the mirror constantly for a few days afterwards and announcing when it finally took effect. Then we both had a good laugh at my idle attempts to make the crease between my eyebrows appear. You know the one — that crease (or double crease, for some) that shows up when you scowl or concentrate. Seems I'm pretty big on "concentration face" and that crease has become a permanent fixture between my eyes. I'm not happy about that. At. All.

This is no normal crease, mind you. It's this shadowy figure that haunts my forehead and taunts me every day in the mirror. That's my perception of it anyway. To the plastic surgeon who wielded the Botox needle, it was only a "just starting" kind of crease. Eek. You mean it's going to get worse?! Six injections and three days later... *poof*. That crease had magically changed from a deep canyon to a mere indentation. Too bad magic always comes with a price.Read more...Collapse )

Veronica Mars movie!!!

If you've been anywhere in the world of social media today, you already know about this. But juuuust in case you've been hiding out in a tiny little closed off corner of the web, I'll clue you in: There's going to be a Veronica Mars movie! Rob Thomas set up a kickstarter fund to raise the $2 million WB said they wanted in order to move forward with the film. The kickstarter funding started today and it's been climbing like crazy. At the rate it's going, they'll probably hit the goal tonight. Don't let that stop you from being a part of it. Go contribute to the Veronica Mars movie!

TSCC fan vid: Addicted to Love

This video is one I started like a year ago, I think. I messed with it off and on then set it aside for many months. Recently, I picked it up again and hey, whadya know, I finished it! The funny thing is I don't even like this song. I've never liked this song. I can't even remember why I started making a video to it. My best recollection is that I happened to hear it on the radio one day and some clips popped into my head and I thought it would be fun to cut them to the beat. That, of course, was before I had to listen to it 1000 times while editing (and difficult few-second second segments a bazillion more times).

Surprisingly, I don't hate the song more for being pounded into my head over and over. I didn't exactly grow to love it either, though. It just... is. What I do love is how this video turned out. And it really was fun to edit to such a strong beat — frustrating at times, tedious, but lots of fun. So here it is: A total Sarah Connor love-fest with a Sarah/Kyle theme, set to Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love".

Enjoy. Hopefully. Maybe?

I don't even know what else to say because without the answer to that question, we have no hope of reversing what seems to be an upward trend of crazy fuckers comitting nightmarish acts of violent. Yeah, this is because of that school shooting—that horrible, awful, straight-out-of-the-depths-of-hell kind of evil that can only be comitted by a person who is so insane that they are no longer a human being and so monstrous that they probably never really were.

How does that happen? Why is it happening with more frequency in recent history? And most importantly, how the fuck do we stop it?

Wikipedia has a list of rampage killings dating back to the mid-1800s that's pretty damn long, so these kinds of things have probably been going on forever. And while they aren't unique to the United States, we sure do have a lot of them. Nearly all spree killers are male too. I'm not sure what that says about the male brain, and more specifically the American male brain, but it probably says something. Is it less empathic? Does it have a greater propensity for violence? Is it more prone to severe mental illness? Is it more likely to lose touch with reality when stressed? I don't really think being male is a significant piece of the puzzle, but it may be a piece, whether biological, cultural or both.

We can point to the usual supects too, of couse: guns, video games, movies... but those are not causes. If they were, we'd be witness to horrific rampages in every neighborhood on a regular basis. But we're not because spree killers are a uniquely defective breed. I think the only true solution to their kind of madness is to learn how to identify it early and either treat the abnormailty successfully or remove them from society and keep them locked in padded rooms.

the gay marriage debate

Help me out here. My state has a gay marriage referendum on the ballot this year and, quite honestly, I don't know which way I'm going to vote on it. I've been struggling with this issue so much that I've even considered abstaining on the question. But maybe if I bounce my thoughts off the great and powerfully opinionated internets, it'll help me find some clarity. So here goes...

Let me start with my opinion on homosexuality itself: Whatevs.

Gay people are like left-handed people — that small percentage of the population that happens to write with a different hand than the rest. Though it's still a mystery why most of us are born one way and some are born another, it just boils down to differences in our biological makeup. To that end, there's no reason why gays shouldn't be allowed to do what straight people do. We don't restrict what left-handed people do or what red-heads do or gren-eyed people do or what short people do, right? And we now look back with bewilderment at restrictions we once placed on women and blacks in society. What kind of primitives were we? Thank the old gods and the new that we're a more intelligent and sophisticated society now.

All that makes it clear to me that gays should not be denied access to the union of marriage.

Except for the fact that I'm married.

And I'm straight.

I'm married and I'm straight and my parents were married and straight and their parents were married and straight and back and back and back. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman—opposite sexes uniting to form family. If the existing definition can be considered arbitrary enough that we can just change it, then why would we change it to something else that's just as arbitrary? If marriage isn't what it's always been, then we have to decide on what it now is. We can't just staple an addendum on the side of it and call it done. That would merely begin of a new chapter in the battle over semantic equality. In other words: If we're going to ask why marriage should only apply to opposite sexes, then we must also ask why it should apply only to two people. And that is where I'm stuck.

In my perfect world, anyone could marry anyone (straight, gay, poly) and none of those marriages would be recognized by government nor would they have to be recognized by anyone else. "Marriage" would be a private social contract or ceremonial event with no legal restrictions (excepting age of consent, of course). Then for legal purposes (inheritance, insurance, medical decisions, etc), people would have to form a civil union. Basically, I'd split what we currently know as marriage into two things: a private union and a legal union. That would preserve the traditional man/woman definition of marriage while also being an all-inclusive institution. In short, it would solve the problem of semantics, which I believe is at the heart of the issue.

But the private/legal split is not an option on the table, so I continue to sit on the gay marriage fence. After writing all this out, I'm leaning towards voting no because I think it's the more correct choice until we're prepared to make a major cultural shift and completely redefine marriage in our society. What say you?

I'm happy to hear from gay and straight on this issue and if you don't want to speak up in name, anonymous commenting is fine. What I've written here is genuine and I'm looking for honesty in return. Tell me your feelings, tell me your thoughts, but please leave political talking points at the door.

I've seen that before. Kyle Reese had one.

But this one is Derek Reese's. Actually, it's mine (temporarily, anyway) :D

Yep, I got me some temporary tattoos made that look like the one Derek had in TSCC. I put one on tonight and it's filled me with fandomy giddiness. I have Derek Reese's Skynet work camp tattoo. On my arm. hee.

This was something we'd thought about getting made as fundraiser for SaveTheSCC back in the day. We never did though and I don't remember why. Then we were going to have them made as swag for No Fate Con, but y'know... didn't quite work out. So I've had a few incarnations of this tattoo design sitting dormant on my computer for years. What good is that? Unused tattoo designs are no fun at all! I finally remedied that and got them made. And now? On my arm? Totally fun.

Derek Reese barcode tattoo

If any of you die hards still lurking about want to join in my fandom fun and play Skynet prisoner 091201091304, let me know — I've got some extra tattoos to share.

this is what fandom looks like

My brother just sent me a picture he took in my apartment in 1991. While I vaguely remember having a chalk board hanging in my kitchen back then, I have no specific memory of this usage of it. According to my brother, it was showing how many times I'd seen T2 in the theater. Wait, what? I always thought I saw it a mere eight times in the theater. I guess my memory is a little fuzzy.

Go ahead, count the hash marks. I'll wait.


My brother wasn't sure why there was a "NO" symbol draw over it, but after thinking about it for a minute, we both concluded the man had drawn it on there. Seems likely he would've weighed in negatively after my eleventh contribution to the T2 box office ;)

Damn you, Kentucky

Whilst perusing my flist, I came across a link to this little travel-map thingy. So of course I had to do one.

I've been to 33 states (66% of the United States). I've traveled through all of these states by car, by the way. Not too bad, eh? But I obviously need to come up with a reason to hit Kentucky. I don't like that hole in the map staring back at me. 

Create your own visited map of The United States

Why I love the internet - Reason #8,467

I tweeted the word "rationalization", which made me think of Jeff Goldblum's character talking about rationalizations in The Big Chill, which got me thinking about how good Jeff Goldblum is at playing odd characters, which made me think of the most recent thing I've seen him in, which was an episode of Portlandia, in which he played the owner of a knot store (yes, you read that right), which made me want to see that scene again. So I searched youtube and there it was and I watched it. Then I found the rationalizations scene from The Big Chill and watched it.

Exhibit A: The tweet.

car porn

I am completely in love with this car ight now. If I didn't need a new roof on my house, I'm not sure I could resist. It's also good you can't buy one online in the middle of the night with a credit card. Then I'd really not be able to resist. Me shopping online late at night is like me grocery shopping when I'm hungry. It's dangerous.

In related news, I bought a box of Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets at the grocery store today. They were on sale! And they were LIMITED EDITION WITH CREME FILLING!!! Who can resist that when they're shopping hungry? Not me. You know what would go nicely with a Butterscotch Krirmpet? Nissan Juke. Isn't it cool?

Nissan Juke

Fortunately, my car infatuations tend to be short-lived. I'm wowed by the look of a car and when I eventually have the opportunity to sit in it, I lose interest (usually because it feels awkward or just doesn't fit me well). Some of my past car infatuations have included the Toyota Rav4, Honda Element, Mini Cooper, Toyota FJ Cruiser and Jeep Wrangler (Sarah Connor style, of course), none of which I liked after trying out. Oh, but I've also got a serious crush on the Infiniti EX35 — that's one I've sat in and still love. It's too pricey for me, though. Assuming I was actually in the market for a new car. Which I'm not. I just like to keep an eye on what's out there.


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